This Upcoming June 28th Back to the Basics Event will be NOTHING like any other of our events in the past! Here's Why:

scenario You're in your pickup driving down Interstate 40 near the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina whistling to a catchy tune on the radio. You smile to yourself as you recall an old memory with the friend you are on your way to meet. You approach your exit, U.S. 221, a smaller two-lane mountain road. Your bug-out-bag bobbles in the back seat as you slow down, merge over, exit, then step on the gas. The road has barely any traffic and you're

enjoying the pristine views of the mountains on the left and the valley on the right. A song comes on that you can't stand so you reach down to change channels when all of a sudden: WHOOSHHH! Your car engine ceases, power steering is gone, and you feel a very strange warm feeling flash through your body. You violently muscle your vehicle over to the shoulder and cram the brakes until you've stopped. Your pickup is dead.

Your feet slip on the shoulder debris as you bounce outside to assess the situation. You look and see no cars around to the north or to the south. You've read about what just happened, you've chatted around the campfire about it. Theres no doubt in your mind now: It was a dreaded CME, a solar flare that has released huge quantities of electromagnetic radiation all across the nation and destroyed the grid and any vulnerable electronics.

The friend you are meeting is prepared like you but was expecting to see you in just a short while. He is just across a hill and has a stockpile of supplies and has working backup communication devices. You reach into your pocket to grab your's just a shiny black brick now.

This all just got very real.

Charlotte Back to the Basics Presents

Sat, June 28th from 9am - 6pm, Registration opens at 8am
“North Cove Forest”
13195 US HWY 221 N Marion, NC 28752



152 Acres of Mountainous Rough Forest Terrain.

Bring your own bug-out-bag, your own water, your own food, and appropriate attire, hat and boots.

No A/C - No Porta-potty - No Sidewalks - No pizza.

Heart conditions? Allergies? Asthma? Allergic to plants? Can't lift heavy items? This is not for you.

Founder, Rich Davis has planned an EXTREME active day of "THE REAL DEAL."

The plan during the Back to the Basics Extreme event is to have small groups hike to different workshop stations dotted along the undeveloped property to learn and practice skills you'd actually use in a real-life situation.


fire For those of you who are NOT quite that extreme, there will be a base camp “chill out zone” area closer to the where the cars are parked where there will be a fire for roasting, areas for seating, and vendors to visit. There will be some much tamer workshops at the “chill out zone”

So the question is... are you EXTREME enough to come along? Or will you be staying home and catching up on your soap operas?

Space is limited.


ridiculously low price at $11.50 per person. (all fees included)